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My First Time

Everyone starts their waist bead journey somewhere….this is where I began mine.

So many of you have met me, but several of you have not. I know having a stranger up close in your personal space can be scary, especially if you don’t know them and their own journey! Well here is a look at my first encounter with waist beads.

Let me set the tone: My family and I went to Virginia to avoid a bad hurricane about 2-3 years ago. We were crashing on my cousin‘s sectional until the coast was clear to return back home to Myrtle Beach.


We were bored and tired of sitting in the house so we went to a local mall. There, we discovered a store that had African attire.….and waist beads!

Yall!😳 I had never seen them before and I was intrigued. My mother used to wear belly chains so I was familiar with the “ body jewelery” aspect, but had never seen beautiful bellies adorned with beads!

I asked the lady at the register what they’re for. I kid you not…this is not where a life changing monologue was performed and made me become a waist bead whisperer 😂😂😂. What made this experience pivotal to me was how these strands made me feel!

I can’t begin to tell you our conversation. All I could think about was that I was a few months postpartum. I felt bloated still and like my waist was unworthy. I battled for years about my natural hair and my laid back dress style. I had a million thoughts and none of them included why I should have these waist beads.

It was at this moment as she started to tie me that I paused and acknowledged my actual waist. My natural waist. The place that is positioned above my womb, which has now birthed two beautiful humans.

Wow. That’s my waist.

I’m worthy and deserving of something that makes me feel sexy and adorned. I am allowed to have something for me that benefits no one else but ME!

I wanted to duplicate this feeling for other women. I wanted every time I touched another young lady to be intentional. The worries and apprehensive thoughts I had, I didn’t want anyone else to feel that. Instead, I wanted to pour into them! Let them see their true goddess inside. Not navigate their self care and healing journey …but simply provide the tools as they navigate and govern themselves.


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