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I’m afraid

I don’t scare easily but as of lately I’m afraid. To be transparent. To fail. To succeed. Everything scares me now.


I literally went from delivering orders everyday to the post office to crying because I can’t tell if they is what God wants me to do or not.

I worry that make gifts haven’t been making room for me and providing because perhaps I’m on the wrong path.

I worry if I’m being the best mother that I could be. What would it be like to wake up and just enjoy my children vs struggling to keep them alive and taken care of. There is no fun in that. By the time I go to work, work from home, and then rest ….I feel like my children get the crumbs of me. I want to enjoy the luxury of simply enjoying my family not solely existing to make sure they have the bare essentials.

I need to provide, I need a passion, and I need direction.

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